Compensation for Injuries

Accidents involving slipping, tripping or falling are extremely common and can result in a wide variety of injuries, from a simple bruising to life-changing head and spinal injuries. Some injuries may last for days or weeks and others may require long-term treatment. Where injuries are sustained as a result of someone else failing to meet their legal obligations to prevent such accidents then you may be entitled to claim compensation from them – both for your injuries and also any legitimate out of pocket expenses incurred such as damage to your property, loss of earnings and medical and travel expenses.

The majority of these types of accidents occur in public places or the workplace – slipping accidents are most commonly caused by wet floors or spillages that are not adequately warned against or cleaned up promptly, falls often involve ladders or staircases and trips are largely caused by objects being where they shouldn’t be, and cables or uneven surfaces such as broken or uneven paving flags or potholes.

Finding out who is to blame can be a complicated issue as it is not always immediately clear who may be responsible or liable in respect of your accident – for example if you slip on a wet floor and injure yourself as a result then it could be difficult to establish whether liability rests with the building owner or whoever caused the floor to become wet and failed to adequately deal with it.

The personal injury compensation sector has grown massively in recent years, with more and more people seeking compensation for their injuries where they believe them to be caused by someone else’s negligence. Predictably, as with whiplash claims, this has also led to a great many people attempting to launch frivolous and fraudulent claims and attempting to get compensation for injuries that they are not entitled to.